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Hoarding Help with No Judgement

Discreet and non-judgemental clean-up of your home is what you deserve, and that’s what you will get from our team. You will feel liberated after we complete the decluttering process of your home.

Clutter Cleaning Experts

As clutter cleaning experts, we specialize in hoarding cleanup services. Our dedicated team understands the complexities of hoarding situations and approaches each project with compassion, professionalism, and expertise. We are here to provide a comprehensive solution and support you in reclaiming your space.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup

We are professionals, and we take our job seriously! “Pros” is in our name for a reason. It constantly reminds us of our commitment to those that we serve. We offer discreet cleanup services. Your health and well-being are at the core of what we do.

Getting Help

Hoarding is a serious issue. If you want more info for yourself or a loved one, please visit American Psychiatric Association website and look through our blog.

Bixby, Oklahoma: A Charming Blend of History and Growth

Located just south of Tulsa, Bixby, Oklahoma, is a vibrant city with a rich history and a promising future. With its small-town charm and proximity to urban amenities, Bixby has become a desirable community for residents and visitors alike.

The history of Bixby can be traced back to the early 1900s when the area was predominantly rural farmland. Named after Tams Bixby, a prominent figure in the development of the area, the town gradually grew as agriculture and the railroad industry flourished. Today, remnants of this early history can be explored at the Bixby Historical Society Museum, which showcases artifacts and exhibits highlighting the town’s past.

Bixby has experienced significant growth and development in recent years, with a thriving economy and a growing population. The city offers a range of amenities and services, including modern shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Residents and visitors can enjoy shopping at the RiverWalk Crossing, a popular entertainment district featuring a variety of shops, dining options, and live music events.

Education is also a key component of Bixby’s identity, with a strong focus on providing quality schooling for its residents. The Bixby Public Schools system is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and has received numerous accolades for its high-performing schools. The district’s dedication to education is evident in its state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated teaching staff.

In addition to its modern amenities, Bixby takes pride in preserving its natural beauty. The city is home to several parks and green spaces, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Bentley Park Sports Complex provides athletic fields, walking trails, and a splash pad, perfect for families and sports enthusiasts. Residents can also enjoy the tranquil beauty of Washington Irving Park, named after the renowned American author who visited the area during his travels.

Bixby’s sense of community is evident through its various events and festivals that bring residents together. The Bixby BBQ ‘n Blues Festival, held annually, showcases the city’s culinary delights and offers live music performances for attendees to enjoy. The Bixby Green Corn Festival, a beloved tradition, celebrates the agricultural heritage of the region with corn-themed activities, carnival rides, and entertainment.

With its rich history, modern amenities, and strong community spirit, Bixby has become a desirable place to live and visit. Whether you’re exploring the town’s historical roots, enjoying the shopping and dining options, or taking part in the vibrant community events, Bixby offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that captivates all who experience it.

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