Clutter Cleanup

Although clutter does not present an immediate risk it can interfere with your and your family’s everyday life, and in some cases leads to a more dangerous hoarding situation.

Disorganization is the consequence of having limited space to store a high number of possessions and no spare time to decide which of them are really worth keeping. This easily occurs in our busy, hectic lives. This cluttering results from the desire to preserve things that are not severely damaged and could be eventually used again someday, or because they remind us of someone or something.

About ten percent of Americans have rented a storage unit or multiple storage units at great expense to avoid clutter. Many others render their garages, basements, and attics rendering them virtually useless with ever-growing clutter. But time slowly ruins the accumulated items and they eventually sink into oblivion while the clutter keeps getting bigger and messier and hoarding becomes a tangible threat.

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