Stephanie Sage founded Sage Restoration in 2010. She decided to leave the corporate world to search for a business where she could help homeowners. She became interested in the restoration business.

While attending training classes she quickly realized that there was resistance to a female presence. She was even told, “You won’t be able to do the work!”  Fast forward 9 years later, Stephanie and Sage Restoration keeps on going strong! Now she hears, “You go girl!” from fellow entrepreneurs both male and female.

Go indeed! Sage Restoration grew adding additional services. A few years ago, Sage Restoration began doing cleanup work for hoarders. As they did more and more hoarding cleanup work, it was clear that she and her employees were gaining a deep sense of satisfaction from the work.

From this feeling of fulfillment, came the idea of building a national network serving those in need of special cleanup services. Stephanie indicated, “When I began looking at the national companies in the extreme cleanup area, I have to admit to being taken back by the lack of professionalism.  And well…compassion that is needed to properly help those in need of our type of services.”

Stephanie prepares her team at Hoarding Cleanup Pros with the proper training and the best equipment for the demands of the job. Stephanie adds, “It is important that every team member has our mission in their heart. To provide excellent service in a professional, respectful and discreet manner.”

Call us at 913-380-0609 and we will walk you through the cleanup process. You might just get Stephanie on the phone!