About Us

Brian Burton and Jim Clevenger


Brian and Jim have been friends since 5th grade (shout out to Lewis & Clark Elementary!) and have had many adventures together. We have started businesses together, we have competed together and we’ve had each other’s back more than a few times. We’ve shared the down times and shared the good times. We even sang a duet together in sixth grade. “White Christmas” it was… Brian didn’t even gripe as he pulled us through that endeavor. Jim is a bit, let’s say, musically challenged!

Looking back, there is a constant theme “Helping.” We have always helped each other and our businesses also help people. Believe us, we are not on the shortlist for sainthood! We have had our share of helping ourselves to a good time too. But, our shenanigans were always good-natured at the core. Catch us at the right time and we will share a few of the stories.

Our businesses together have ranged from a nutrition company (helping people with their health), digital marketing (helping our partners with their business), and an energy services company (helping businesses save money and helping the environment). All of our businesses must help society or we are out!

Brian started his first cleaning services business in 1991. He knew there was a need for special cleanup services nationally. Jim looks back, “When we began researching the extreme cleanup industry, I have to admit to being taken back by the lack of professionalism as well as the lack of compassion that is needed to properly help those in need of our type of services.”

We had our next adventure! At Hoarding Cleanup Pros our mission is “To provide help in a professional, empathic, respectful, and discreet manner.” We started in the Midwest in April of 2019 and plan on helping people nationwide soon.

If you need help with an extreme cleanup situation give us a call at 913-380-0609.