How Much Does Hoarding Cleanup Cost?

The cost of cleaning up a hoarding situation can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. There are several factors that influence the pricing, but as you can imagine, the nastier and bigger the job, the more expensive it gets. Here’s a few things that Hoarding Cleanup Pros takes into account when pricing our work. As always, if you’d like a free quote for hoarding cleanup or extreme cleaning, find your local hoarding cleanup pro here and reach out to us when you’re ready.

Here’s a few things that we consider when putting together a quote for hoarding cleanup:

How Severe is the Hoarding?:

The level of hoarding directly impacts the workload and resources needed for cleanup. The number of people on the job and the costs of hauling or dumpsters are two of the primary factors in estimating costs. Severe cases typically require more time and effort thus affecting the overall cost.

Property Size and How Much Stuff:

You would think that larger properties would typically demand more labor and time for a thorough cleanup, but that’s not always the case. The actual volume of items that are being sorted or disposed of has a greater influence on the price than the actual square footage of the property being cleaned.

What Type of Hoarding is It?:

Some types of hoarding are harder to deal with than others. Is the cleanup trash hoarding? Animal hoarding? Food hoarding? Clothing hoarding? A collecting situation that has become a hoarding situation? or a combination of several types of hoarding? Each type of hoarding presents its own unique challenges and various items may require special handling or disposal methods, affecting the overall expense. Hazardous materials or bulky or heavy furniture items might incur additional costs.

Does the Hoarding Home Have Safety Concerns?:

Hoarding environments often pose safety hazards like structural damage or biohazards. Addressing these risks may involve specialized equipment and procedures, affecting the cost. Common hoarding safety concerns include biohazards from animal or human feces, bed bugs, fleas, rats and mice, dead animals, and rotted floors. When a crew has to wear Tyvek suits and respirators, the work typically goes a little slower and takes longer to complete.

The Need for Other Professional Services:

Depending on the cleanup’s complexity, professionals like mold removal experts, carpet cleaners, bed bug exterminators, or pest and wildlife control experts may be necessary, adding to the total cost.

Property Accessibility Challenges:

Properties with limited access or hard-to-reach areas may require more time and effort, thereby increasing the cleanup cost. If we have difficulty getting a dumpster or junk removal truck close to the property entrance it ends up slowing us down a little. The same is true if the property is in a high rise, or if it’s an apartment on an upper level.

Regulatory Compliance for Hoarding Cleanup:

Compliance with local regulations and obtaining necessary permits can influence the cleanup cost. In some cases we have to get permits or permissions to put a dumpster in a location that is needed for the cleanup. Additionally, in some locals, we are required to get a dumpster from the city that we are working in. In both of these cases, the costs typically aren’t high, but it’s an extra step to get a job ready to go.

Emotional Support:

Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by hoarders when we are on the job, it’s important for our crew to recognize when the hoarder is overwhelmed by the cleanup process. In some cases we find that it’s necessary to do a cleanup in stages, rather than all at once, to enable the hoarder to process their decisions and emotions. If we end up spreading the job out over several visits, then the cost of mobilization and travel may slightly increase the price of the cleanup.

    Understanding all of the factors that goes into cleaning up a hoarding situation is vital for Hoarding Cleanup Pros to provide accurate estimates and comprehensive services tailored to each client’s needs. By assessing these aspects thoroughly, our professionals can ensure efficient and effective hoarding cleanup while providing transparent pricing to our clients.