How to Help Older Hoarders in Spokane

Hoarding can be a difficult and complex issue for older people in Spokane. Hoarding isn’t just about being messy; it’s a mental health condition that requires special understanding and patience. If we want to help our elderly loved ones, friends, or neighbors in Spokane, here are a few ways we can support them:

Learn About Hoarding:

In Spokane, it’s important to understand that hoarding is more than just clutter. It’s a condition where people find it hard to part with things (no matter what they are worth), even if they don’t need them anymore. By learning about hoarding, we can better begin to understand the challenges they face.

Begin by Building Trust with the Hoarder:

When helping an older person with hoarding in Spokane, it’s essential to gain their trust. We should approach the situation with kindness, empathy, and without judgment. Let them know that we want to support and help them, not criticize or shame them.

Get Professional Help for Hoarding:

Spokane has excellent resources for mental health support. Encourage the older person to talk to experts who understand hoarding. Therapists and counselors in Spokane can provide valuable guidance, addressing the emotional aspects of hoarding and offering strategies on how to cope with their belongings.

Take It Step by Step When Cleaning Up:

Cleaning up a hoarded home can be overwhelming, especially for older people in Spokane. We should take a gentle and gradual approach, starting with small areas and celebrating every bit of progress. This way, they won’t feel pressured or stressed, making change more manageable. Working with a professional hoarding cleanup company can really help get results quickly in an understanding and companionate manner.

Be Supportive of an Elderly Hoarder:

Our community values respect and inclusivity. Instead of making decisions for the older person, involve them in the process. Let them decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. This way, they can feel empowered and more comfortable with the changes.

Help by Organizing:

Spokane residents appreciate practical solutions. Help the older person find better ways to organize their belongings. Using containers, shelves, and labeling can make it easier for them to keep things tidy and accessible. Remember that it’s not always easy for an older person to bend over or maintain their balance.

Make a Hoarding House Safe:

Safety is a top priority in Spokane. Check the older person’s home for any safety hazards, such as blocked pathways or fire risks. By ensuring their living environment is safe, we can protect them from accidents. Hoarding homes often have so much stuff on the ground that there is a high risk of falls for elderly hoarders. Not only is it important to clean the home to lessen the risks of falling, but it’s also vital that Emergency personnel can access all areas of the home.

Help the Hoarder Build a Support System:

In Spokane, community support is essential. Hoarding can be a long-term challenge, so it’s vital to build a network of support. Friends, family, or local support groups can make a significant difference, providing encouragement and understanding.


Supporting older people with hoarding in Spokane requires empathy, patience, and a sense of community. By learning about hoarding, building trust, seeking professional help, taking gradual steps, and being supportive, we can make a positive impact on their lives. Reflecting the caring spirit of Spokane, Washington, we can create a safer and more organized living space for our elderly neighbors and friends.