Can a Hoarding Situation Be Dangerous?

Sometimes, people in Spokane Valley find it difficult to let go of things and end up collecting way too much stuff. This behavior is known as hoarding, and it can be risky and dangerous for both the person doing the hoarding as well as anyone visiting them. In this blog, we will explore the dangers of hoarding and why it’s crucial to address these issues before they cause someone harm.

Fire Hazards From Hoarding:

Recently, we encountered a situation in Spokane Valley where hoarding created a significant fire hazard. When individuals hoard and accumulate a lot of stuff, there’s a higher risk of fires. Stuff can pile up, including flammable materials like papers and cardboard, making it dangerous. These items can easily catch fire and the fire can spread quickly, posing a threat to the hoarder and neighboring homes. Hoarded homes often have blocked exits and cluttered pathways, making it challenging or almost impossible for people in the home to escape and firefighters or other emergency personnel to provide help. Fires in hoarded homes can lead to severe injuries or even loss of life.

Can Hoarding Cause Structural Issues In a Home?

Having too much stuff in a home can put a lot of weight on it, potentially compromising its structural integrity. In some Spokane Valley hoarded spaces, neglected maintenance and weakened or damaged floors, walls, and ceilings can become a concern. We’ve seen instances where racoons have damaged walls and floors which allowed rain and snow to enter the home. Additionally, the presence of clutter makes it more difficult to access any areas that need repairs and inspections.

Try to Prevent Accidents in Spokane Valley Hoarding Homes:

Hoarded environments often have a high number of items and trash on the floors, which increases the risk of tripping and falling. Stacks of items, cluttered pathways, and disorganized spaces contribute to a higher chance of having an accident. Spokane Valley hoarders often have a lot of trouble moving around their homes, and it’s pretty common for someone to have a fall that causes injuries and even broken bones. These hazardous conditions are really an issue for older individuals or those with limited mobility.

Pests and Other Animals from Hoarding:

Hoarding, especially trash, food, or animal hoarding, can attract pests like mice, fleas, roaches, and even snakes, making a hoarded space unlivable. Such unwanted pests pose health risks and further make living in the home very unsafe and unbearable. Pests often damage property, contaminate food, and spread diseases, making life even more challenging for those struggling with hoarding disorder in Spokane Valley.

How Bad is the Air Quality in a Spokane Valley Hoarding House?:

The excessive accumulation and piling up of items in hoarded spaces usually obstructs proper ventilation and airflow, which can cause poor air circulation and poor air quality. Spokane Valley hoarders may experience an increase in dust, mold, and other allergens, which can lead to breathing problems, allergies, and other health issues. Blocked air vents and HVAC systems in hoarded homes also increase the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide buildup, which can be life-threatening.


Hoarders that live in Spokane Valley can face significant safety and health risks due to clutter and unsanitary conditions. These risks include fires, damaged or weakened structures, trip and fall accidents, pest infestations, and poor air quality. It’s crucial for Spokane Valley residents to recognize and address these dangers to ensure the well-being of individuals struggling with hoarding disorder.

Seeking help from therapists and counselors in Spokane Valley can often address the underlying reasons for hoarding. However, when it comes to creating a safe and livable environment, using a professional hoarding cleanup company is usually the best way to make a home safe again. Let’s try to work together to keep our neighbors with hoarding disorder safe and healthy!