Why Do People Hoard Animals in Pasadena?

Have you ever wondered why some people collect a lot of animals and struggle to take good care of them? It’s not just about loving pets; there’s a lot more to it. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why some folks in Pasadena, end up with too many animals and what can be done to help them and their pets.

Understanding Why People Hoard Animals

Imagine having so many pets that you can’t properly take care of them. That’s what we call animal hoarding. It happens when people have more pets than they can care for properly. This leads to the animals becoming sick, hungry, and sometimes even dying because they don’t get the care they need. This happens more than you would think. Recently 21 cats were rescued by the Houston SPCA.

Why Does Animal Hoarding Happen?

  1. People Feel Lonely: Some people in Pasadena might feel lonely and sad, and they find comfort in having many animals around. Pets become their friends and make them feel less alone.
  2. Problems in the Mind: Sometimes, people who hoard animals have trouble in their minds. They might feel very worried or sad. Taking care of animals can make them feel better, even though it’s hard to do it properly.
  3. Loving Too Much: Hoarders might love animals so much that they think they are saving them by keeping them. They don’t want to give them away, even when it’s best for the animals.
  4. Difficult and Hard Times in the Past: Some people who hoard animals had tough times before. Animals make them feel safe and loved, and they want to keep them close to feel better.

The Never-Ending Cycle of Animal Hoarding

When someone hoards animals, it can become a big problem. They start with a few pets, but it gets harder and harder to take care of them all. The house becomes messy and dirty, and it’s tough to keep up with everything. They might stop talking to friends or family because they’re too busy with the animals. The more time they spend with the pets, the more attached they become, making it even harder to let them go.

What Can Be Done to Help an Animal Hoarder?

Helping people who hoard animals is essential. It’s not just about taking the pets away; it’s about helping the person too. Here are some ways we can make a difference:

  1. Talk to Someone: If you know someone in Pasadena who has too many pets and can’t care for them, they need help. Finding them the right support can be as simple as calling someone that deals with animal hoarding on a regular basis. Animal hoarding cleanup companies in Pasadena as well as Animal welfare organizations are a good place to start.
  2. Give Support: Animal welfare organizations can help by giving advice and taking care of the animals until they find new loving homes.
  3. Understand Their Feelings: It’s essential to understand that the person hoarding animals might be struggling. They need kindness and someone to talk to about their feelings.
  4. Get Mental Health Support if Needed: In order to address the underlying issue of what caused the animal hoarding to occur, it’s important to seek the help of animal hoarding support groups, counselors, and therapists.

How to Clean Up an Animal Hoarding Situation

Animal hoarding situations are often biohazard sites. Animal feces, urine, and even dead animals are a common occurrence. Finding a professional that is trained in how to deal with these situations is usually your best course of action.


Animal hoarding is a big challenge for both the people and the animals involved. Understanding why it happens and offering support can make a difference. In Pasadena, Texas, let’s be compassionate, talk to those who need help, and work together to ensure animals and people have happy and healthy lives.