Animal Hoarding in League City

Animal Hoarding is often a heart wrenching and emotionally draining experience to witness. Earlier this year here in League City we had an animal hoarding situation that overwhelmed the League City animal shelter.

Over sixty dogs were rescued from an animal situation as reported by the Houston Chronical. Click here to link to the original story.

If happen to run into an animal hoarding situation yourself, you will often find very disturbing and unsanitary conditions. It’s usually best to contact a professional hoarding cleanup company that has experience with animal hoarding.

Taking care of the affected animals is usually handled by a local animal shelter or humane society, which often results in those facilities being overwhelmed by the condition and volume of animals. Finding foster homes or people that will adopt hoarded animals is not only difficult due to the health of the animals, but many times the pets often have a difficult time assimilating into a normal household.

Just like all of us, what the animals truly need (and deserve) is a loving, safe, and happy place to call home. If you’d like to help these affected animals, please contact your local humane society.